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Hello RN's and Nursing Students! I have searched high and low and have found zero recent posts about ECPI's RN program so I decided to see if anyone is in the process of applying or successfully completed the program. I currently live in Charleston, SC and will hopefully be attending the Charleston campus. I have recently passed the TEAS assessment (Reading, English, Math and Science) per their requirements, so I am now allowed to move forward with pre-requisites. Their first RN co-hurt will begin on August 15, 2016 and I will need to have my Sciences completed completed before I can apply. So here is what they are requiring: A/P 1 and 2 (Bio 101, 104. College algebra. Intro to computers and English Composition) I will be transferring over English but everything else I am required to complete. They are offering Bio 101 and 104 in a compressed format (2 1/2 weeks each) so therefore I can apply no earlier than July 8th. Bio 101 will begin on June 6th.

Ok, finally to my question - Has anyone successfully completed the program or is in the process of applying with pre-requisites completed? I also want to mention that Bio 101 and 104 will not be the only set of A/P's that we are required to complete. Our first semester(if accepted into the program) will consist of Bio 111 w/lab, Bio 116 w/lab so therefore my pre-requisites are on a lower level....RIGHT?? Anyone have any experience with Bio 101 and 104? What can I expect?

Any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all (:


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Hello I'm looking forward to apply for their First cohort but how well do you have to do on the TEAS?


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How did it go so far? Did you get into the RN program or have you completed any prereqs?

I am asking because I am starting my prereqs now, I have 3 left and hoping to apply for the April start date RN program.