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Eastwick, Hackensack or The center for Allien Health for LPN

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I recently passed my entrance exam in the center for allied health school and also the practice test in Eastwick. I personally liked Eastwick campus much better since the center for allied campus is in the basement. But whats more important is how the school is ones you are in the program. I live in NY and I'm willing to move to NJ for one year to complete my LPN program. Both schools are located in somewhat same neighborhood. Can anyone please help me make a smart choose between these two schools. I have an interview coming up soon and I just want to make a decision ASAP. Eastwick starts in Aug. and Allied health school starts in July first week.

And also is exit exam at The center for allied school that hard? A lady I spoke with said everyone pass in their 2nd or 3rd try. I want to know the fact. Please feel free to jot down anything about these schools

Thanks in advance.

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