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Eastern Tech LPN part-time program December 2014

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Hello. Is there anyone on here who has been, graduated, or is about to start Eastern's lpn program in Willow Grove? I'm starting the upcoming part-time program for December 2014.

Very very good program

I'm hoping to start the part time program I'm just feeling bummed out that the date has been pushed back again but I'm excited as well so hopefully I will be starting October of 2015 :)

Jus make sure u study study its a very hard program

Thanks I will keep that in mind

Hello! Has anyone had any good news with getting in the program? I wanted to start in Oct also!


Has 10 years experience.

I went there in 2010 & it's a great school that really puts out the best grads in the area. Along with BCCC . Great school. Best move I ever made & I have had no problem with jobs. Also, I started out I believe @ 25$ an hour brand new or maybe like 24$ but was up almost 10$ by 5 years . They are harder to get in for a reason.its an intense year & you have to really be dedicated BUT it's ONE year & very doable if you really want to be an LPN. They don't put out grads who can't pass the NCLEX. My class actually took level 3 before 2 so we lost a lot of people but thy changed that around I've heard ' don't make the sept & feb class do it together anymore . Which is good bc I started with I think 25 classmates & we graduated with 10...