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Eastern Michigan University Nursing Program 2018

kadkin10 kadkin10 (New) New

I have been researching the previous year's cut offs on the point system for the traditional nursing program at Eastern through this website and noticed there isn't a 2018 thread yet so I decided to make my own.

I'm sure I'm not the only one worried or wondering what the applicant pool is looking like this year, so I hope this helps others out too. I feel like I am on the chopping block with 462.5/500 points (and that is if I get a 20 on the TEAS) and I am just wondering what everybody else's points are looking like. Let me know!

Thanks :)

Thank you for starting a thread! I am also very nervous, and will be applying with 472/500 if I can get the 20/20 on the TEAS. I really would like to know the pool count in order to see if I need to explore other options! Keeping my fingers crossed for us!

My daughter plans on applying at EMU and we just calculated her points to be 478. I believe last years cut off was 445.


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