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earned Nursing degree in Phils. last 2009

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I earned my Nursing degree in the Philippines last March 2009.Due to time constraint I wasn't able to take the local board exam. I am a green card holder from NY. My concern is, can I take NCLEX in NY even I am not RN in the Phils? Please give my some input. I don't know what to do.Am confused. Your help is much appreciated...thanks...MJ

juan de la cruz, MSN, RN, NP

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The first step is to google NY State BON and find information direct from their site http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/nursing.htm#verify. I did just that and found that you don't necessarily have to obtain a license in the Philippines. However, you need to have your educational credentials verified by CGFNS which offers this service specific to foreign-trained NY state RN applicants (It's not the same as the usual CES that is used in other states). You can send an email or call the BON yourself to confirm this. Start printing out the application forms in the website and fill it out. Follow the link to CGFNS and apply for educational credentials verification.

Juan ,

Thank you very much for giving me an idea where to go and what to do...I appreciate it. Happy Thanksgiving to you....