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EAC or CEU? for second courser

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Hi guys! I need a help or opinion about my plan for my second degree..

So as we all know, K to 12 was just recently implemented here in the Philippines, and bc the first batch of SHS are incoming college the curriculum for all the college courses changed, it is all new.

Now, I just graduated from college (Batch 2018) and I am planning to take a second degree (first degree: BSBA; second course: BSN). So far my first choice of school is CEU but they won't be crediting any of my subjects from my first degree meaning I have to start and take everything again. Then I found a school, Emilio Aguinaldo College - Manila, who credits some of the minor subjects I took before, but thing is I don't have any idea about the school so I am kinda hesitant (but I saw that they have a high passing rate with regards to BSMT).

My question is, if you were in my place, what school would you choose? EAC or CEU? or maybe you have a better idea? Thank you! :)

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