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Dumb question - drawing up iv meds

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So this is a dumb question and one i should know the answer to, but I can't remember exactly the order;

When you are pulling up meds and need to dilute, which do you pull into the syringe first: the med or the dilutent???

I'm thinking its meds first but want to be sure...

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I woud say the dilutant as then when you stick the needle in the saline there is no med on it--especially if its a multi-dose vial---but if you are using the kind you twist on with no needle and DON'T push the med into the saline it would probably be okay--the best no but does it happen yeah. if the med is in first just make sure you pull back so the med is not right up to the tip and attach the saline and draw straight back and unattach then push back up to get rid of air. But I guess if you were going to the it the BEST way it would be to get the saline first. Nurses tend to sometimes to the quickest thing though. As long as you are careful it's probably okay.

i appreciate it!

There is never a dumb question!! I draw the med up (and then if it doesnt need to be diluted in alot of fluid such as an IV bag) then I open a saline flush up and shoot the med into that.

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