Duke BSN to DNP applicant, please help!


Hello fellow nurses!

I am going to apply to Dukes BSN to DNP program Fall 2016 but reading all of these forums is making me very nervous! I have been a nurse for only 2 years, just graduated with my BSN this month and have CNA and volunteer experience. I work on a Telemetry unit, have a year of correctional nursing experience and camp nurse experience for the school district. I know these schools are competitive and I'm worried I don't have enough experience. Does anyone know what they base decisions on? I would appreciate any info! Thank you!


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Hi Paskin!

I applied to the fall cohort in 2016 and have no experience at all! I hope you stuck with it and decided to apply. After I turned in my application, I felt unqualified as my odds seem slim to none and forgot about it for a couple of weeks. But, lo and behold, I was invited for an interview last week!

To be brief, the interview was brutal but I'm just happy I got at least an interview. How about you?! Did you apply? Did you get an interview? I got some good feedback and surprising information about duke from my interviewer so here's hoping for nothing but wishing for everything! Hope all is well!


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Hey! Were you able to get any more information from somewhere else? I am planning on applying next year (2017) and have been looking for any good information on how to be a strong candidate but can't find any!!!!