Dual MSN & Public Health - Career Paths


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Hello everyone,

I have worked for the past 2 and half years in Case Management for both home health agencies and managed care provider. I plan to sit for the CCM exam in August '15.

My career goal is to work in Public Health for local or state government. I am assuming a dual MSN/MPH can assist in accomplishing my career goals.

I would like some career advice regarding Public Health jobs. What types of jobs are available in Public Health with a MSN/MPH degree? What jobs should I look for now in Public Health?

I would appreciate any advice you may have...


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I'm also interested in this topic, I want my MSN/MPH but I'm more interested in the MPH portion. I would also like to know what career opportunities would be available with the dual degree and if it would be smarter to just obtain one of those degrees instead of both?


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Which area of public health are you interested in? In local health department, you can work in maternal child health, obesity, injury prevention, disease control, immunization. As far as specific job titles go, for entry level nurse, you are usually called public health nurse, sometime level 1, 2, or 3. If you have supervising experience, you can apply for nurse manager or nurse supervisor jobs. If you have a lot of leadership experience, you can become the director of a health department. In state health department, there are a lot of positions that are not called public health nurse but you are basically doing public health work as a nurse. I have a coworker whose title is vaccine analyst. She goes to providers' office and check to make sure the vaccine they order from vaccines for children program follow the rules and regulations. My state health department also inspect long term care facilities' infection rate, rules and regulations, etc.


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I am also interested in pursing the dual MSN/MPH degree. I'm not finding many available programs though (at least not affordable ones) in an online format.


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Grand Canyon University offers an MSN degree with an emphasis in Public Health online. This is a 40 credit requirement.