DSC Uniforms


I am looking for a former Daytona State College LPN student who knows the uniform and the tools needed so that I can start shopping around for what I need.

Janaya... I see that no one ever replied to your post...

I'm starting the LPN program in August. Since you've already started, do you have a supply list? I'm looking to get started shopping early.

Thank you!



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Hey did you go to orientation on Friday you need quite a bit. A galaxy blue uniform in a specific style white shoes, a stethoscope, pen light, scissors, a $110 lab kit, $550 worth of books, you need a physical, a tb test, shot records and a lot of ink. Sorry it took so long to reply I am in the last part of my third semester and I have a lot on my plate. Good luck I know it seems like a lot but it is doable.