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Drug-Drug interactions and CYP 450 enzymes


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Looking for resources on drug-drug interactions and CYP-450 enzyme metabolism. I see a lot of poly-pharmacy in my current clinical rotation and feel like having greater awareness of potential drug-drug interactions and a greater understanding of enzyme actions would benefit my assessment skills and clinical judgement when it comes to working with these patients. I've gotten a good overview in school around CYP-450 inhibitors, inducers, and major drug-drug interactions to watch for. However, I'd like to dive further into the mechanisms of action for some of these interactions rather than just knowing that they exist.

I'm probably looking for some sort of pharmacology guide that goes into the physiological effects of drugs on the metabolic level, but not sure.

Any recommendations for books, articles, or websites would be appreciated.

bgxyrnf, MSN, RN

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Basic & Clinical Pharmacology by Trevor and Katzung has a pretty in-depth treatment of the cytochrome groups.

verene, MSN

Specializes in mental health / psychiatic nursing.

Thanks for the recommendation!