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Drexel Bachelor of Science in Nursing Co-op

Alice19th Alice19th (Member)

Hello, I recently heard about this particular college that provides nursing programs. However I noticed that many of the courses are online. Is all of the nursing programs online? Or do students take actual classes in school? I'm will be applying as a freshmen undergraduate. Thank you.


im currently a student in the co-op program, soon to be graduating. There is an "online" school for drexel for the nursing program; however, there is also an "in-class" nursing program. I am in the "in-class" BSN Co-0p Program. There mostly all in the classroom teaching however you will get a few classes that are only offered online or they will be one day in class, and the other part online. THere are only a few like that, per say maybe 4 total in the prgram! ITs a great program with great hospitals!! i'm sure you will love it, no doubt!

I am currently in the BSN program at Drexel as well. The only nursing program that is offered online as far as undergraduate programs would be the RN-BSN completion program. For that program one must already have their associates as an RN. There are also online masters programs as well. But other than that all of the undergraduate nursing programs are "in-class" programs.