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Just learned earlier today that the nursing program is/has moved from regular textbooks to e-books. Saw that the ACE program went completely with e-books starting with the fall 09 class. Anyone have any input/opinions on how different it is? Is it harder or more cumbersome to use? I'm in the tech field and all about electronics, but I have a hard time picturing not being able to study with all my books spread out in front of me open to different pages...

can we share ebooks?

They can't be electronically copied. It is application based, not file based. Instead of buying an electronic version of the book (like a .pdf), you get access to the book either via the website or via an application installed on your computer/ipod/iphone/ipad. Basically done so that you can't buy one copy of the book and pass it around.

pretty smart of them. i read that it is only available via mac or pc , not compatible with kindles , nooks, etc...i wish they gave us an ipad instead of an ipod! how are we going to study on such a small screen...guess gotta use the pc

According to the FAQ, there are apps for ipods/pads/phones, computer (PC or Mac). It is not available in kindle format.

"he Elsevier eBooks are downloadable onto your personal laptop (or other personal computer). Once downloaded to one of these devices, the eBooks are accessible on an iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone using either the device’s browser or a free full reader (Bookshelf) application (‘app’) available from Apple’s iTunes Store. The full reader application allows for ‘offline’ access with the smaller devices. An important feature of the eBooks is that they are designed to be fully scalable to permit optimal viewing on small mobile devices. Your personal eBook library (once downloaded and installed to your personal computer) will also be fully accessible from any public computer so you can easily access your books from one of the many computers available on campus.

The eBook content is not currently available on any electronic reading device such as the Android and other tablet/slate devices. This feature should be available sometime in the near future but will only be available on devices with an operating system from Windows or Mac. Amazon’s Kindle is a proprietary operating system and will likely not be compatible with Elsevier’s eBooks."

So... how do students like learning/reading from ebooks all the time....

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