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I work at a Level 3 community NICU. One of our staff nurses has suggested that we start using the Downes score as a way to determine if an infant can stay with mother vs need to be observed in the NICU with mild respiratory symptoms. For example, a baby that is tachypneic 60-80 with no other symptoms can stay with mom vs a baby that is tachypneic with grunting and flaring needs to go to the NICU. When I search articles all I find is that Downes scoring can be used to predict worsening respiratory distress. I do not see anywhere that it is being used as a criteria for staying with mom vs needing observation vs needing admission. 


Does anyone use the Downes score for this purpose? What is your criteria? What score requires observation in nicu? 


Here is one article for reference...


Thanks in advance!

Melissa RNC-NIC, CLC

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