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dont know what road to take....

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Hi all, I've been on this site and think that it provides such useful information which is why i am writing this know. My story is and i'm sorry if it gets a bit long....................

Currently starting my 1st semester next week of pre reqs for the ns program at my local cc. As I am getting closer I am second guessing my chosen career path. I am thinking that maybe nursisng isnt for me. My reasoning???? Not sure if nursing goes with my personality. Not sure if i can handle alll of the responsiblilites that are on a nurses shoulders. I want to do patient care but not sure in the nursing form. Have recently found 2 programs at a distant cc that offer respiratory & radiology. Both seem to interest me. Does anyone here have any input on these other areas?? I know this is mostly a nursing forum, and i've read pages upon pages on the careers on the internet but want an opinion from an actual person. I live in Nj. How is the prospect on this careers in nj??? I definately know that I want to deal with patients and I want to make a difference in someone's life, i need to have a rewarding career. Will any of these paths do that??? I'm not sure which is why i came here. For right now I am going to continue the route of nursing until i decide its not for me but if anyone out there has any input on respiratory or radiology it would be soooooo appreciated!!!

Thank you sooo much for taking the time to read this.


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