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Dont Ever give up!


After failing our of RN school spring of 2011 i thought MY NURSING DREAM WAS OVER! it wasnt the teachers or the test, IT WAS ME, i wasnt studying or putting in the work to make the grade which showed! The lowest test grade i ever made in nursing school was a 68 & that really messed me up. My advisor told me to change my career because Nursing was for me & i must admit that i almost did but i knew in my heart that if i do something else that i wouldnt be happy with that, NURSING IS MY PASSION MY HEARTS DESIRE. I didnt want to go the LPN route either because a part of me felt that people would look down me & all the little lpn stands for blah blah blah jokes, & its a waste of time(for you not ME)BUT AFTER A WHILE I SAID WHATEVER! so what i have to start at the bottom & work my way to the top, thats fine & then too maybe i should have gone that route 1st & got a gist of what was coming. I enrolled summer '11 into a technical school to get my GPA up so i could apply to a lpn program & in May 2012 I GOT ACCEPTED!!! I prayed & asked God that if he put it on the teachers heart to pick me & give me another chance i promise i wont take it for granted! I started the Lpn program this past august & i made a goal to pass each class with an "A" but i'll take a "B" as long as i put in the work. In our program you have to make a 70 to go to the next class. We took fundamentals for 8 weeks & i passed with a 89! 1 point away from my goal but hey it was an "A" to me! Just finished Med Surge 1(class i failed in RN school that took me out) & im proud to say that I PASSED WITH A 91! took the final tuesday & made a 98 which was 30% of our grade! That was all the valadation i needed to show me that THIS IS FOR ME! So for those of you that have failed out/or is failing nursing school for whatever reason DONT EVER GIVE UP! ITS NOT OVER! These things are minor set backs for MAJOR COMEBACKS! Dont let what people say or think about you deter you from your dreams! PROVE YOURSELF WRONG & KNOW THAT AS LONG AS YOUR STILL BREATHING YOUR GOALS ARE STILL ATTAINABLE! Yeah you may be embarrassed & even disappointed but dont let it take control of you, you get back, dust yourself off & try again! Take the bull by the horns & say "look me in my face, I AINT GOT NO WORRIES"! sorry so long but this post may help someone. MERRY CHRISTMASS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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this experience supports the theory that we have to "become" nurses. We are not born as a nurse. You are in the process of becoming and I am proud for you

I was dismissed from the program too. I was a good student but I lost my pregnancy.We wanted this baby so badly ;-( I was depressed and didn't pass one of the tests. I wrote an appeal letter but it didn't help .I wasn't allowed to repeat my third semester. It was very hard time for me.But I want to be a nurse so I transfered to another CUNY college. I asked if I can apply for a program once again.They said I could. Now I have GPE 4.0 and preparing for my NLN (again).Hopefully everything will be great this time.