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I have decided to either return to my old unit at my hospital or find a new job altogether. It has become glaringly obvious that I am not welcome on my unit, that my every move is scrutinized and perfection or near perfection is expected of me. I haven't made it a year yet and all the joy I had working my dream job has been completely sucked out of me. I have absolutely no desire to seek another L&D position. I am sick to my stomach and disgusted that something I have wanted for 30 years is over because of a toxic unit. 

Hi Dolores,

I am sorry you went through this. I have worked OB floors in different hospitals and have found it to be a trend that L&D units are toxic and vicious. I noticed this early on and immediately knew it wasn't ever something I would be interested in. I am in post partum now but not happy with the endless charting and tedious tasks that come with this role. I think working in the hospital setting comes with just more than dealing with the stress of the jobs itself. You have to deal with gossip and childish behavior. You are not alone feeling this way and many people have quit these units for the exact same reason. Best of luck to you!

Thank you Tita,

My old manager managed to get me pulled one night from OB to her unit and when I told people I was coming back, they were so glad! I got hugs, statements of "oh I'm so glad!” and it made me feel so good to be appreciated again. OB was my dream but I can't deal with the toxicity anymore. My mental health would rather deal with the chaos that is med/surg.

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