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done with my prequistes whats next?

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Is there any nursing dreamers out thier who got all thier prequistes done, what would you take if you go to lpn school. I am from Rochester NY and intrested in Isabella graham Hart. I took all the bios and everything needed in nursing but couldnt get into a Rn program so what now. What courses would I have to take in Lpn school. PLz give me advice i want to be Rn before 24yrs old and I promise this to my family.

NamasteNurse, BSN, RN

Specializes in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, LTC. Has 8 years experience.

LPN programs are usually all-inclusive, for example, you take pharmacology, anatomy and physiology, math, and general nursing all in one class. You usually have lectures and labs and clinicals. A good way to get your LPN in NY is through the BOCES programs. Most areas have one. They take 10-12 months and include becoming a CNA in the first two months.

Another option would be to enroll in the college as a math/science major and take all your A&P courses, Bio, and Math, then move into the nursing program when they accept you. The community colleges are good for that route. If you hang all your hopes on one college, one program you may not get in and become disappointed which it seems that's where you are now.

Best of luck


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