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hi there. i was wondering if there's anyone out there at Dominican University, either doing the 2+2 program, which is 2 years at dom for the prereqs then 2 years at West suburban. Or if anyone is majoring in their natural sciences degree, with a concentration from health sciences, then to go to Rush University for their masters? I was looking into either of those programs at Dom U, and wanted feedback if there is anyone out there doing the same, or if anyone has any advice as to either programs? Thanks a lot.


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I graduated from Dominican with a BA, and now will be going back to do nursing elsewhere. What I am about to tell you is based on friends I had that were in the program, or have graduated. Quiet a few students that start of doing the 2+2 program came back to DU to finish up a BS in Bio or Chem. Take into consideration, that was before West Suburban became part of the mix, the original partnership was with Rush University. Those that did go on to Rush after two years at DU felt prepared and are awesome nurses now! But, part of the reason some students came back to DU after going to Rush would be for social reasons, many wanted to just have a regular college experience or stay with friends. Which can be good or bad depending on what kind of student you are. My suggestion is that you do a BS at DU then go to Rush, I haven't heard many good things about West Suburban, a couple of DU Alumni and current students weren't too happy about that new partnership. If you want more info I can get in contact with some Alumni.

Good Luck!

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