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Hey guys,

So today I had my campus tour at Dominican University CA in San Rafael. It's such a beautiful campus overall. The tour guide was so helpful and knowledgeable of the campus and programs. I love how that the classroom sizes are small so you can really get to know your professor and FOCUS more. I also was able to meet with the transfer counselor and she was so sweet. So I gave her my official transcript from CCSF and she said she would look over it. Another thing I like is how the TEAS test is NOT required for this school and they do not have a point system. However, I know that it's still going to be highly competitive to get into the RN program. I guess my question is... for those who are currently enrolled in the RN program or have graduated from DU, what are my chances of getting into the RN program with an overall GPA of 3.33 and a 3.06 GPA for my 8 prerequisites. Im worried because I've read on other forums that students who got into the RN program at DU had an overall GPA of 3.60 and up and high GPAs for their 8 prerequisites. Does anyone have any suggestions on RN programs I can apply to in the Bay Area? Any suggestions, tips, and advice would be appreciated.

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According to the website and what I've learned from one of the admissions counselors there, your overall GPA has to be at least 3.25, and your science pre-req GPA has to be 3.25 as well. I believe they favor those who have high grades in Anatomy and Physiology. They want to see A's in those classes, B's at the very least.

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