Pretty sure I failed my skill validation today. I was giving an insulin injection and then hanging an IV piggyback. The second after I gave the injection I realized I has no gloves on!! How stupid of me...I just get so nervous when I go in for validations.


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Those skills tests make me very nervous too!

I had something similar happen to me. I was being tested over Foley catheter insertion. Unfortunately, I broke sterile field. I immediately pointed it out to my instructor, so she let me continue, and I passed. She said that mistakes happen, and RN's break sterile field too. They just know to start over rather than push ahead, which is what I did. What a relief!

I hope you passed, good luck!


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I forgot my gloves once at clinicals doing an insulin injection. My instructor said "Hey, don't forgot your gloves next time". That was it. Didn't even knock my grade down. I was shocked!


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My instructor failed me for it. She said everything else was great, but wants me to do it over again to remember my own safety. Fair enough, I think. I won't forget those gloves again!

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