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Does trauma level 1 ICU give you the best chance?


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I’m a ADN nurse working in a trauma level 3 ICU for the past two years.  I live in a pretty isolated small small town two hours away from the city. A little over a year ago I starting thinking about graduate school. I spoke to a handful of NPs and PAs and what interested me was their medical knowledge not their careers. So I introduced myself to a CRNA at my hospital and asked to shadow him. I shadowed him for 8 hours last year and since then I have not stopped thinking about becoming a CRNA.

I took a year of prerequisites to be eligible to apply to a BSN program and I’m currently finishing up my first quarter. I’ll be done in the Summer! I convinced my husband (no kids) that we should move near a bigger hospital after BSN  so I can get better experience. There is only one trauma level 1 hospital in my state. I’m really nervous that I won’t be able to get into it 😕 and ruin my chances at getting into school. I've worked hard this past year and I know I have a long road ahead of me chasing this degree. 

Does trauma level 1 vs 2 make a difference? What other things should I look for in a hospital? What other resources can you point me in the direction of? 

I appreciate any replies and advice!! 

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As long as you are regularly managing vented patients and drips you should be fine. If your ICU is more like a step down unit then I would look to go to another hospital. Level one is just a term that people get fixated on, it’s more important to look at the ICU’s acuity level.