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Does your school have a mentoring program?

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I am one of 4 students in my school setting up an official mentoring program. It will be the first year that the school has had one. So, if you have one, can you tell me about it? We are in a BSN program, so we have 3 levels of students to work with.

Thanks for any info you can give me. We have a meeting with our faculty advisor tomorrow, and I'm hoping to have something to bring to her.

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My school has a mentoring program that works like this. I did the ADN program so we have four levels to work with. 3rd level students volunteered to mentor 1st level students and when moving on to 4th level continued to mentor the same student during their 2nd level. Then as I graduated and my mentee moved up to 3rd level she became the mentor for a 1st level student and will stay with them until she graduates. As a mentor I listened to concerns, helped with studying for exams, and just let her know that we have all experienced the overwhelming feelings of nursing school at one time or another. We have all felt really confident one minute and totally brain dead the next minute. Providing an understanding ear, guidance and support was the focus for the mentor. It was totally up to the mentor and mentee how often they communicated, and where and how they communicated. I choose to be very open with my mentee supplying my cell phone number, email, class schedule and available times. I opened my home to her for study sessions or help with clinical paperwork guidance. I found that it was a rewarding program for both of us. I was forced to remain fresh on previous level materials in order to help her study and she was able to share experiences and worries with someone who had already experienced it. I hope things work out for your school and you enjoy the program as much as I did. Good Luck!

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