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Does it really matter where I complete my BSN? - Health Complications

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will it hurt me to transfer to an "easier" university to complete my BSN?

  1. 1. will it hurt me to transfer to an "easier" university to complete my BSN?

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Hello everyone!

I've been thinking a lot lately about transferring to a commuter school closer to home, moving home, and commuting to class, however the school I am thinking of transferring to is definitely a huge "step down" to most from my current program. There are many reasons I am considering this, mainly some serious health problems (most likely severe IBS but there hasn't been a diagnosis) that I have been dealing with since last semester that really hinder my ability to attend morning classes/clinicals due to my symptoms being the worst at that time. I have found my program to be incredibly rigid and not exactly flexible or understanding of what I have been dealing with, whereas the other school has a variety of class and clinical times to choose from in the evenings, which would tremendously improve my situation and academic performance, and ease so much stress and anxiety surrounding my health. I also like the idea of a smaller campus that is easier to get to and get around. I also think that living at home would be much better for me, as all my doctors are close by and I feel that I would be much more comfortable and happy there. Also, as bad as this may sound, I am not upset about the fact that the program at the commuter school is much less demanding, considering how much I am struggling right now. I guess what I'm really asking is will I later be kicking myself for not pushing through and really trying to complete my program at the school I'm at now, or am I really putting myself through all this extra pain and stress without needing to? Any input is helpful! :)

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You need to deal with your health issue before anything else. Otherwise, you will have difficulty working as an RN. Please see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis and treatment. If this is impacting you this much, then you should consider taking a semester off to resolve this issue.

If you want to transfer, make sure you check on which credits will and will not transfer. I'm not sure why you are convinced that another school will be much less demanding. You will still have to master the material necessary to pass the NCLEX and very few people find it easy, no matter what school. Good luck.