Does Nursing school ask for internal records?

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Hello. I am a senior in under grad at Texas.

I recently was found guilty of academic dishonesty. 

I had a hearing, explained my side of the story saying I got my information strictly from the lecture. However, 4 other students had similar answers to what I had and the hearing officer as well as the professor stated that it is unlikely that it is a coincidence since we had similar structure, format, and incorrect methods. 


Anyways, I don't want to go on a full rant. The sanction was light, my grade will still be the same and I will not get punished. However, it will still be apart of my internal record that is not shared with any other institution unless it is being asked for. 


I have no clue if this can be expunged upon graduation. I will update the post once I hear back from a higher up. 

Also success stories of being a nurse despite academic misconduct is highly appreciated. I've been feeling down and hopeless and feel like everything is crashing. I know I might over exaggerating but I just feel so lost. 


TLDR; Received a guilty verdict after a hearing. No punishment, but it will go on my internal record that won't be shared with other schools unless it is asked for. Is it common for nursing schools to ask for internal records, especially Texas schools? 

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