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Does it look bad to quit a CNA job?


I am a nursing student and I work as a CNA in home care on a casual basis. I do like the job for the most part, but the way I am treated as a casual employee is making me want to quit the job.

I get paid for what I work, not for the shift duration. For example, yesterday my shift lasted 9 hours 30 minutes, but I was paid 6 hours 20 minutes. My "off time" is spent driving from house to house (not paid for this) as it takes longer with each client than i am allotted (the people have very particular ways of doing things, and give me specific instructions that takes longer than the 20 minutes or so it should). For every shift, I am paid at least 2-3 hours less than the time I spend being on duty, and since it is usually only 10-15 minutes between clients, I have no time to do anything but drive to the next house. I do not get gas money between clients, only for half of my way there and back. If they call me and I do not accept the shift, the supervisor gets mad (the one I refused today i was about to email her to change my availability but she called with the shift before i got around to it).

Some people and their families are very rude and am angry if I am even 5 minutes late, which I do realize comes with the job. Others are very rude if I don't do things the way they want (which is hard to learn their routines when I only see them once).

The other main issue with the job is the region I work in is a 45 minute drive from my house, which can be over an hour is slippery winter mornings. Also, may shifts are early in the morning befire roads are cleared. I do not think a job is worth risking my life in dangerous road contitions.

I have no desire to work in home health after I graduate, but i am afraid it would look bad if I were to quit this job, and think it may also help me get a job in the future. Would it look bad if I quit this job after only working 4 months?

sorry that it is so long and for the typos-- after a while the screen flashes to the top after typing each character.