Does experience as a CNA in a hospital or Nursing Home help for a future RN job


I am a nursing student in NJ and I have been trying to apply for CNA positions in local hospitals but many are not hiring. My question is, should I apply for nursing home CNA positions or should I apply for CNA positions in NY hospitals. By the way NY is an hour commute for me, while there are many nursing homes near by me. When I graduate as a RN is it more helpful to have CNA experience in a nursing home or CNA experience in a hospital? I would prefer to work in a hospital when I graduate. If I work in a nursing home as a CNA, will it help me attain a job in a hospital when I graduate nursing school? Or do many hospitals prefer workers to have experience in hospitals? Do you think commuting to NY is a smarter choice to get experience, instead of working in a nursing home?


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Although it is probably more likely that you would get promoted to RN within the same hospital/system where you work as a CNA, any experience as a CNA is extraordinarily helpful.

It's the best thing you can do to learn patient interaction, personal care, time management, and to get yourself familiar with the caregiver role and how to interact with colleagues.

Although I am not in a hiring capacity, I have a deeper klind of respect for anyone who has worked long-term care (for whatever that's worth).

And, peri care, feeding, transferring, cleanliness, etc are (or should be!!) the same wherever you go.

Again, though, facilities tend to look after their own, and in this job marked that should not be overlooked.