Does anyone practice in a cardiology outpatient setting?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering anyone here could talk about a career as an out-patient cardiology/CV NP. Most of what I see online is always about acute cardiac care, but I am interested in chronic treatment. How did you get there after graduating? Did you spend clinicals primarily in these settings? Any tips for getting there? Are you every at the hospital? Just want to hear more about it if any of you have direct or indirect experience. Thanks in advance!


I worked with a cardiologist for about 2 years. It was my first job out of graduate school. I had Tele experience as an RN so I'm sure that helped a bit. He pretty much trained me and told me everything I needed to know and was always a phonecall away if I had any questions.

As for work, my mornings consisted of rounding at 1-2 hospitals/LTACs. Then back to the office around noon and did the office for a few hours. Mostly chest pain, abnormal EKG, HTN management, and cardiac clearances for surgery. We did outpatient exercise stress tests as well.

It was a single provider practice so that meant splitting weekends and holidays. Pretty much had no life.