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Does anyone know ?????

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I am a LPN working in a dialysis unit going on 2 yaers. My question is does anyone know what the law in PA. is with LPN's giving IV push meds?? Is there any exceptions because in the unit 90% of meds are given IV. Not to mention that is the only thing that I can not do in my unit that a RN can do with about a $12.00 pay difference. I'm not to worried about the pay difference due to the fact that I'm 6 classes away from my RN, but I would like to fill my position and be a team player 100%. There are times when being able to give meds (IV push) would really be helpful. Dont get me wrong I work with RN's that are GOD SENDS, and they treat me as an equal so its really not that big of a problem, I was just wondering if anyone knew of any exceptions based on job demand. Thanks to anyone who replies!!!!

If you work for a large dialysis provider, such as DaVita, your employer is well aware of what LPNs and PCTs are allowed to do in each indiviual state*; your manager should know and advise you accordingly. Otherwise, the BON would be a good place to inquire. As you undoubtedly know, the scope of practice for nurses (and even UAPs!) varies greatly not only from state to state but even in different settings, with outpatient facilities usually having fewer restrictions.


DeLana :)

*This is why they will not hire LPNs in some states since they figure they can pay PCTs less to do the "same" work; of course, we all know that LPNs do far more than PCTs, but the companies only see the bottom line :(

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