Does anyone know of any mid-year (JAN-MAY) RN programs?

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Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone knew of any RN programs that have a start date ranging between lets say JAN and MAY of 2011. I have an application in with Aria as that's the only one I knew of. I know Northeastern has a program that would start in JAN as well but I wouldn't have had all of their pre-requisites done in time. I'm about to find out if I'm accepted into Aria pretty soon and I guess I'm kind of just bugging out a bit. There's a good chance I get in, but just in case I want to be prepared and apply to other programs. I'd hate to have to wait until the fall of 2011 when most programs out there would start. Kind of ready to move on with my life.

I already found Harcum college's program which would start in May. Anyone know of anything else? Thanks in advance for your help.


I start my first clinical semester int he HACC RN program in January. They have spring and fall semester starts.

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I found out yesterday that I wound up getting into Aria so no need to search anymore, but thank you for your response. :)

I start Hacc Lancaster part time clinicals in January as well. Which campus are you attending?

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