Does anyone know what this involves?


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[h=2]RN Proficiency Process for RN to BSN & RN-BSN to MSN Program Options[/h]The following courses are eligible for proficiency credit:

    [*=left]NR-443: RN Community Health Nursing
    [*=left]NR-447: RN Collaborative Healthcare

RNs who believe they have the knowledge and experience to meet individual outcomes for these courses should contact their student services advisor.

From what I was told you had to be a RN for at least 3 years and have some sort of experience in community health. I'm hoping that my home health experience will allow me to test out of Community health nursing. It sounded like there is some test they send you and you have to pass it to to get credit for the class.

I was also looking to see if anyone took the test. How hard/easy it was.