Does Anyone Have a Medical Billing and Coding Business or Work at Home Job



I am an LPN and currently work as an Administrator of an Assisted Living Facility. I make GREAT money, but understand because I do not hold a degree or RN, I might be stuck in this position. I am currently enrolled in Colorado Technical University Online AS Medical Billing and Coding, which will roll into my BSBA in Healthcare Management program next year.

I chose Medical Billing and Coding, because I felt like it would be a great opportunity for me to possibly work from home and have another stream of income. I'm really into wealth building and believe that one must have several avenues of income to reach financial security.

I want to know are there any LPN/RN's who have home based billing or coding business? I want to get your feedback? Are you contracting or working independently? How many hours a week? And any other information you will supply.

I plan to pursue my RN through Pratt College, however, I had to put on hold this year, after hearing the boards decision on distance learning. I was unsure if Pratt would be exceptable.


I think you are correct with holding onto Pratt. GA is not big on online degree's for nursing. I for one do not know of any nurses here with a online Medical Billing business at home. I am from FL by way of NY and I know some that did this same thing in FL. However, I also know a LPN who has Medical Coding and Billing experience, and I had 20+ years in accounting and running a ALF (so I can feel your pain LOL) from my experience these people knew clients and brought those clients with them to FL now GA maybe a different animal all together. Good Luck


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I feel you. Good luck. I am currently looking into opening a CNA training program myself and get this info to seek financial help from the government for a grant to get you started. Try one in your area. However whatever info you gather please pass it along. I need as much information as I can possibly get. God's favor.

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