Does anybody have current experience with the UNLV school of nursing?

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All the threads I seem to find on it are old can anybody give me a current experience on it. What is it like? coursework? will it be possible to work while I am attending? etc. I am currently in CSN and I have A&P II, Micro, CHEM and NURS 299 left to do. Has anybody had experience with the CHEM 110 & 111 or 108 and which one do you recommend? how difficult was the HESI? was it easy getting accepted into the program? what about cost of the program? I just have so many questions lol I am getting a little ahead of myself but I like knowing as much information as possible so if anybody can give me insight on all this it would be awesome, thanks (:


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I would meet with an advisor. The different UNLV threads here can give you an idea about he competitiveness of the program.

To fill in some of the gaps though, you need to take Chem 108 for UNLV, as Chem 110 and 111 are no longer for nursing and do not apply as a prerequisite in terms of the program. Chem 108 is basically a survey class of physical, organic, and biochem. Many students brush off the first third of the class and do horribly the last 2/3. As long as you pay attention, study, and don't slack because of certain material you may already know, you'll do fine. You have to take NURS 299 at UNLV, as CSN does not offer it. The HESIA2 is not difficult, but you should brush up a little on your A&P in order to make sure you don't miss easy questions in that section. The cost of the program I believe is about $6K per semester (there are three [3] semesters in a year). This is called "differential tuition." Basically, a more expensive tuition to cover the higher costs of the UNLV nursing program versus other majors.

It's difficult to get into the program, but with a little extra care, you can get in as long as you pay close attention to how the points are calculated and do well in your classes accordingly. Look up the nursing school calculation worksheet on UNLV's website and you'll get an idea through projecting your grades and comparing your score to those who have gotten in on the more recent UNLV threads in this forum.

I haven't started nursing school, so I'm unable to comment on the actual program. From what I've heard, it's difficult to work and it will cut into your study time. It's possible to work under 8 hours a week in 1st level, but afterwards, it's extremely difficult unless you are blessed with a certain schedule pertaining to your clinical hours that some students may have. Hope this helps a little! I'd say pay more attention to the things about getting in since I really have no experience in actual nursing school.


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I'm also looking for more current information on how it is.

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