DoD or DHHS for FNP



I'm in a FNP/DNP program and expecting to graduate in 2022. I know this may be early to consider, but I am interested in options as a practitioner in the USPHS, USAF, or USN (commissioned not civilian). Can anyone comment on their experience in any of the branches? I would be coming in as a new grad from my program, is it an expectation to have experience prior? I'm curious in knowing more of what the job entails in each such as location of work (i.e. clinic, hospital, etc.), deployment roles, and how often/long are deployments? If I were to stay in for a career, would I expect to move more into an admin. position or could I stay in a clinical track? How much autonomy is there in job selection/base selection? What are the pros/cons/benefits/limitations? What was your experience (positive or negative)? I'd love for any input or response to any of the branches!

Thank you in advanced for any response! Much appreciated.