Documentation software for students


Hello, does anyone have any knowledge of inexpensive programs that you have used or are using for your nursing students to document in the lab practice setting?

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I would venture to guess that none of them are inexpensive. My school was using Neehr perfect, and are considering switching over to Lippincott's Docu-Care. Neither are what I'd call cheap. We have tried to be creative in finding ways to minimize the cost for students, by either using grant money, or incorporating the fee into their lab fees.

The biggest issue we've seen so far, is faculty buy-in. If the students are paying for it, everyone needs to use it, so the students are getting their money's worth. Not everyone sees the value in or, or just doesn't want to be bothered incorporating it into their class/clinical.


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Hi ProfRN4. We currently use Docucare and are considering switching to Neehr Perfect. Can you describe some advantages and disadvantages of Neehr Perfect. I am pretty proficient in DocuCare, but its hard to use a clinical tool because you can't fully assess student's critical thinking.