1. Hey everyone! Are any of you guys applying to UF's BSN to DNP program for Fall of 2015?
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  3. by   LoveNursing7
    Hello! I am!!
  4. by   DNPhopeful
    Hello lovenursing7! What area did you choose to specialize in? I'm applying for the PMHNP track.
  5. by   LoveNursing7
    I'm actually applying for that track as well!
  6. by   DNPhopeful
    That's awesome! And sorry for the late reply. I'm swamped with work. Is there another UF bsn to dnp board for fall 2015? I'm confused and surprised there's not a lot of replies in this board.
  7. by   LoveNursing7
    No worries! I do not believe there is another thread for UF Fall 2015. I was surprised too but maybe people will start to post once the deadline passes.
  8. by   DNPhopeful
    Glad to hear I at least know someone applying to the same track as I am! I wonder what the average class size is for pmhnp
  9. by   LoveNursing7
    I'm curious as well. I'm also wondering what the curriculum changes are that they've mentioned on the website.
  10. by   Elimy510
    Hi! I am applying for 2015 as well. However, I applied for the Peds Acute Care track. I was waiting for white awhile to receive recommendation letters back and just sent my materials out last week. I hope this doesn't affect my acceptance potential..when did you all send everything in? Did they notify you upon reducing your packet?
  11. by   LoveNursing7
    Hello! My recommenders didn't end up sending their letters until last week as well. I am hoping it won't impact us and that the College of Nursing receives them in time. Also, I'm not sure if they notify us when they receive everything but I hope so!
  12. by   Elimy510
    Thank you! I just realized that in my original post I wrote "reducing" instead of "receiving."
    I hope we are all accepted!!
  13. by   DNPhopeful
    Hey there! Glad to see a new member on here. I would email or call CON just to make sure they have all of your materials since deadline is approaching. I hope we all get accepted too!
  14. by   Elimy510
    Question- how early did all of you apply? Does anyone have any intel on how many people they are accepting to each program or which programs have the most/least applicants? ( I am guessing Family and adult but I could be very wrong).

    I am nervous that because my stuff arrived so close to the deadline that I won't be accepted due to space. Also, there was a problem with applying through Isis and that didn't go through until this week either.

    I suppose if it's meant to be it will be, but I haven't wanted anything more in a very long time, so cross your fingers for me!

    Best of luck to everyone!