Online vs. on campus BSN to DNP?

  1. Hi All-

    I am a recent new grad from a BSN program and have been working at a Family Medicine practice for a year and a half and have decided to go back to school next fall to get my FNP in a BSN to DNP program. I live in a college town (where I went to undergrad) and the graduate program here is affordable but I've only heard so so feedback about the program structure and organization. My family practice hours aren't all that flexible so changes semester to semester with my availability would be difficult and I would possibly need to find another part time position elsewhere, possibly at the hospital which would also be good experience but I like my job and it would be a lot of work to apply for school and a new job.

    My other option is the online DNP programs. I just wonder if I would feel as prepared coming out of that program to be a FNP as I would an on campus program? The perks would be the flexibility of being able to keep my job now and maybe just decrease hours to keep up with the work and also I could potentially do clinicals there as well. There are also an overwhelming amount of programs I find it difficult to sift through what would really be best for me.

    In summary my main question is: have people felt more prepared coming out of on campus programs or online programs?

    Looking for any and all advice!
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