Do you think I'm gonna have a hard time this fall with these classes?

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I have a pretty full schedule for the fall. Here's what I signed up for.

Critical Thinking class

Psych. Measurement and Statistics

Human Anatomy and Physiology I

Human Development and Relations


The human development courses meets only on Tuesdays from 4:20pm to 7:30pm. I heard the teacher who was teaching it was a good one so I figured why not. The nutrition class is on Fridays only, and every other class meets twice a week.

I think it's all about time management, but my number one objective is to really try and get no lower than B's across the board this coming semester. I am going to see if I can try and test out of the critical thinking class so that will at least knock off one class.

What do you think? It's not an absolute must to take all of these courses in the fall, but I would rather do it now than later because I am going to be applying to my CC's ADN programs as well as some BSN programs around my area.


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I think if you can handle the schedule then you shouldn't be too bad. Just know you'll have a lot of time to dedicate to the classes. It's funny, for everyone doing nursing pre-reqs I find that we all usually get stuck with a crappy semester of tough classes because of the amount of classes we have to take. I think that you should be okay if you don't have a job or any other responsibilities so you can focus more.

I'm taking:

Human Anatomy



Developmental Psychology

Anatomy is on a day by itself, once a week from 9-2. I also have Monday & Wed off so I know I can dedicate some study time to those two days as well as the weekend as I've got no job or responsibilities, just school. Trust me, it will probably be tough but I don't think it will be undoable. You'll have similar things like that going on when you start nursing courses so might as well get some practice right? lol =)


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My last semester before I applied to nursing school, I had 3 prereqs to get out of the way - Physiology, Microbiology, and Statistics I took them all in the same semester...ACADEMIC SUICIDE! but I did it...Got As in all my classes. I was quite surprised at how much I could handle. Most things are possible with time management. So don't underestimate your abilities to do well in these classes. Just be focused, stay on track from day one, and don't ever be afraid to ask for help and I think you'll be just fine. The way I look at it, nursing school isn't any fact its going to be much harder. So some times i think it's a good thing to take a lot of classes because you need to start preparing yourself now for the heavy course load that lays ahead.

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