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I have been a nurse for 9 years. I worked bedside for 1 year then was offered a position in an urgent care facility as a baby nurse. From there I was basically fast tracked in my career into management. I have worked in research, training, education, and care coordination- each in some form of leadership, eventually.

I make great money considering I don't have an advanced nursing degree (I have an ADN and a BS in health ed). However, I am often confronted by my peers and people in general about not being "a real nurse". Most recently by my own mother. I don't think the majority mean anything by it, they're just curious. I barely touch patients anymore and at times, I feel I sold myself short, but in reality, I really wouldn't want to be forced back to bedside. I am comfortable in life, but sometimes, I just don't feel like the definition of a nurse. I didn't even know about the work I do now while I was in nursing school, so this definitely wasn't what I envisioned as a nursing student. Can any of you relate? Has anyone returned to bedside with minimal experience?

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Nurses need good managers, educators, researchers, and leaders. You're every bit a nurse--you're just using your head more than you use your hands, so to speak. Don't you dare let anyone make you feel less valuable than you are!

As for returning to bedside nursing, that's entirely your call; just don't feel you need to do it because some people seem to feel you're not a "real nurse."

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