Do we have rights?


I'm so happy to be able to vent in this forum and hopefully getting some advice. So here it goes...

I'm on my last semester of ADN program and failing! I was so excited to graduate and become a nurse now I feel like that probably will not happen. The thing is that we are a very small class of

There are so many instances where her behavior is unacceptable but we all have to put up with it for fear of retaliation or getting kicked out of the school. In clinical she is always pushing you and stressing you out to the max so that you make mistakes...she tries really hard to make you fail, it's her attitude and the things she says and the pressure she puts on you.

Don't get me wrong I don't mind the pressure, or to be corrected, it's the nature of this job but is how the things are said and her non verbal communication. You feel like a dumb person and like you are constantly bothering her.

We came to the conclusion that the dean has no backbone and will not be able to resolve anything. Our instructor has been in the school for way longer than the dean and pretty much runs our campus. So this instructor gets away with murder and there is nothing we can do?

We are three weeks away from practicum and we don't know if there is anything we can do. This is a class that has always done well in the exams and suddenly half of us are failing. How can it be that you study day in and day our and get a 50 on an exam? This has never happened before.

She is constantly telling us that we don't know how to read or follow directions, but most of us are making the same mistakes so in my opinion her instructions are only clear to her, but try telling her that lol. She has even said that we are the worst class she's had!

One example is a quiz we had to take for a grade that was due on a particular date; we took the quiz and notified her 4 days prior to the due date that the material did not correspond to the quiz. She waited until the same day the quiz was due to tell everyone that there were problems and that we all had until the next day till 11pm to re-take it. Some people took that quiz but the quiz was still not fixed and communicated that to the rest of the students. Instructor then sent an email saying to please TRY to take by another date. Some of us were not able to take it by that date so she automatically gave us a 0 then she says she was clear that the quiz would close on that date, when in fact it only say to TRY to take it by that date.

A student in our class had a relative in the hospital and this person was assigned to another student of our class, the patient was so disgusted with our instructors behavior that wanted to complain, but the relative student asked not to so that it would not affect her graduation outcome.

She returns homework saying is incomplete and goes on about how bad we are at reading directions; when you show her the homework and point out what she claims you missed she then says it's ok. This non-therapeutic behavior and communication has all of us under such stress that learning has become impossible.

We take the exams and then she flies through the review and only goes through the questions that she feels like. We don't even get to see the exam up close with our answers like in previous semesters, but instead is on a projection screen very small. The material on the test is not always what we are told to study. There is another campus with another instructor and they ate doing much better but their exam questions are different, we are even wondering if our questions are comparable to theirs.

Any one out there has had a similar experience or any advice?


Very frustrated PJ

I am too wondering who is the 'nurse' for us 'nursing students'?! I have been walking on egg shells for semesters and there are, of course, problems I'm responsible for but there also seems to be a component of favoritism and even harassment that students have to deal with! At what point what is it worth to keep going but rather than stand up to this and do the 'hard right'? I have been fearful of retaliation, but my fear is subsiding and I'm starting to think it's worth speaking up at this point. Hang in there!