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Do I have a chance?

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Hi everyone!

This is my first post after reading many other posted comments for several months. I am 40yrs old soon to be 41. I have been a nurse for 5yrs and have just graduated from Villanova Univ. with my BSN. I just applied to UMDNJ and Nazareth Hospital crna program. My stats are not that great:

BSN, GPA: 3.19

Certs: bls,acls,pals,ccrn

EXP: 4year Icu/ccu

and will be taking two core graduate courses in the spring of 2012.

Is there a chance of an interview?

The two MOST important factors besides quality of ICU experience would be:

1.GRE scores


Neither is listed.


Specializes in icu/ccu.

Thanks Crnafaculty for your comment. I haven't taken the gre's yet but plan too soon. My ADN gpa 2.62 which I do know is terrible. Maybe after I take the gre's and comlpete the the two core grad. courses my I will improve my chances.

It looks like you are faculty member with CRNA program. If so, can you be so kind as to let me know which one please!

Thanks again for your comment!

When an applicant has ADN and BSN, the ADN GPA typically is more important because that's when you took all your science courses. BSN completion programs have a different focus and GPAs are typically higher.

YOur ADN GPA will be problematic but is not insurmountable. Taking graduate courses and getting good grades in them would help significantly, especially advanced physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology.


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