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Do you ever 'forget' information?


I'm awaiting the start of my program doing the normal freaking out process one put's themselves through and I stumbled upon this thought; Do you ever forget things in your schooling and/or nursing career? I imagine no one has a steel trap for a brain, and one wouldn't retain almost everything one is taught. It's a lot of information, and seeing how I've forgotten some anatomy terms, and definitions that is causing me to review before nursing school I can see how it happens.

Is this how nursing school, and my career as a nurse will be? What do you suggest for reviewing tips, or strategies? I can conclude that I understand a lot of things will and can not be forgotten so don't flame me. I'm just nervous and posting a question! :)

You will forget things. That is part of life. BUT the second time you hear them it will be easier...and the third time, even easier. You will hear the really important stuff over and over. Eventually you will be able to pull it out of your head as you need it. Ask a practicing nurse if she (or he) remembers everything taught in school and you will hear no way!

Once you are working you will be very knowledgeable (sp?) about your specific area of nursing. We aren't expected to know everything as nurses, but more to know where to get information we need and to be able to recognize the fact that we DON'T know everything!