Do you ever feel just like your brain has gone on strike????

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Ok I need to vent! I don't want to get on here and whine but I need my time to just release some steam!! I am a Junior at a private catholic university in Leavenworth, KS and I truly do love nursing school and I was so excited and so dedicated the first few weeks and all of the newness of everything but now that we are about to be 10 weeks in the general excitement of everything has worn off (except for skills labs!!! I love going in and practicing and learning new techniques!!) I think I'm really not excited for clinical's because this semester we are at LTC facilities and I have been a CNA for 9 years now and my whole reason for getting my butt into gear and going back to school was to get away from nursing homes! I know that I have no choice right now and thankfully we only have to go 4 times this semester but seriously I'm over it! I have only really thought about dropping the program 1 time and that was on the first day when I got home, looked at my 60 page syllabus for one class and thought to myself "What the heck did I get myself into?!!!!" But I sucked it up and did my work and got through it!

I find myself procrastinating at home and I know that I have to break myself of these horrible habits or I won't make it through the first semester!! Any advice on how to "spice it back up?" lol I know that nursing is for me!! Ever since I can remember I have always said I want to be a nurse! I can stomach anything, love to learn (hands on) how to do everything that nurses get to do and have had truly the most wonderful inspiration along the way from some of the world's most wonderful and caring nurses! I think I've just hit the mid point rut that I've heard so many other nursing students and recent graduates talk about!

Also, did anyone else have one heck of a time just understanding Pathophysiology?! I know that it is a step up from Microbiology but still, Holy Cow this stuff is ridiculously hard! Any study pointers or the name of some good study guides would be greatly appreciated!! I'm not doing bad by any means but I don't just want to skim by in this class with a C and leave knowing absolutely nothing!

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