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can someone please explain the difference between a CCA and a CCO in simple terminology? I feel so stupid...I just started my first job and these terms are prevalent on the floor I work on. I've asked several times but I STILL don't understand :( :( so with CCA you do everything until they're in cardiac arrest - does this mean that you do cpr until they're in asystole?? So if you find the pt in v-fib you would do everything possible to save them? And then a CCO if you find them unresponsive you don't do cpr because they're on hospice/comfort care only?

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dnr-cca (do not resuscitate-comfort care arrest): you continue to treat the patient as a full code up until time the patient cardiac arrests. if the patient cardiac arrests, you stop all medical treatment. unless the physician specifically indicates on the code status order form, the patient will be intubated. however, i find that in my unit, most patients who are a dnr-cca are also a dni (do not intubate) which can be indicated on the form.

dnr-cc (do not resuscitate-comfort care): the patient only receives care that promotes and offers comfort. treating fevers if patient is uncomfortable, ativan/morphine, medications to dry up secretions, etc.

quoted from cardiac.cure03

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