dizzy and lightheaded from surgical masks?

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I watched an open heart surgery in clinicals and got really lightheaded. I had to leave the room and get some water and sit down for a few minutes. I have never really had trouble with blood or guts or anything before. I was told it was because it is just traumatizing to see someone's chest cut open. I did make sure to eat breakfast before hand and to stay hydrated. I have begun to think it is actually surgical masks that make me feel faint. They feel suffocating whenever I wear one, and I begin to get dizzy and lightheaded. I guess it's from breathing my own air over and over again, Does anyone else have this problem?

When I was in surgical tech school there were a few people in my class who had this problem, one girl fainted multiple times. They just kept bringing home masks and wearing them in familiar environments until they got used to them. For most people this worked after just a few wears, but the fainter did take a little longer...

I'm guessing there will soon come a day when you're thinking "I can't believe this was ever a problem for me"!

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