Diving back in, returning to CNA after having a baby


I had gone after my CNA in 2010 with big plans to jump into LPN asap (then on to BSN and eventually PhD, I really want to teach) I landed a LTC job Jan 2011. I also found out I was pregnant( yay,boo) my husband quit his job(boo), and he was also seeing another woman(really). Not to overshare all my dirty laundry, the point being, this huge ball of stress sent my health plummiting into a horrifying free fall. An old boss called me offered me my old job and a plush chair too. I took the pay cut and called my head nurse to tell her my health was too poor to be an asset. She ended the conversation with come back when you can. Not long after an LPN who I had worked with told one family member I had been fired.Well now I have regained control of my life and my health, I'm done breastfeeding and have great childcare and I am ready to WORK! A friend recomended I apply where she is(very close to my house) now I am concerned with that haunting little LPN's comment that I had been fired. The two facilities are run by the same company. I am also worried about how long its been since training.

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Wait, so what are you worried about? Your head nurse basically told you that you would be re-hireable; that LPN can run her mouth all she wants-- she has nothing to do with it. If you apply at the other place and they ask you about your last job just tell them that you left because of pregnancy complications-- it's the truth and there's nothing wrong with it.