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Hi everyone, I have this little situation and I would like to know what you would do. I posted this in the general discussion but no responses, so I will try you guys.

You graduated 9 months ago and have worked on a med surg unit since graduation. You now accept a position in the cardiac step down unit. This unit only employs RNs and NAs who have received extra training to perform higher level tasks like blood drawing, telemetry monitoring, etc. Most of the NAs on the unit have been there for many years and are very confident of their skills and role on the unit. You are still somewhat insecure about you technical skills.

On your first day on the unit you assign the na assigned to work with you duties within her scope of practice. She interupts and says that she will not accept the assignment. Because you are new she wants to see if you are proficient in your skillls. In essence, she wants you to do your job and hers. Your supervisor is at a meeting and isn't expected to return until lunch. What do you do?


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Since it was your first day on a new unit, didn't you have a preceptor or someone that was orientating you to the unit? I would have asked them if this was a standard thing! Or even ask any of the other RN's, trying to sound questioning not like you didn't want to do something "beneath" you, I guess some of it to me would have to do with what assignments were in question, ie, baths vs blood draws. If I need to work on my blood drawing skills, I don't think I would care who was giving me little tips. It also depends on the "attitude" of the person involved. Just ask her, it's better to start off on a good footing.

Does this make any sense? I feel like I am rambling this AM. LOL Time for school.


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I second everything Sandra said (she beat me to it). :) So how was it worked out?

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