I was diagnosed with MS early last year. I was told by my MS Specialist to talk to people about it. She said it would help me because it is a lot to handle once a bomb is dropped on me like this. A few months later I was returning to work after my day off. I was approached by 2 employees that told me another employee had told them he seen me on the other side of town crawling on my stomach begging for drugs. I reported to my boss. He had me and the employees write a statement. It went no where. 3 weeks later once again returning from my day off, I was approached by another employee. She told me she heard my boss and a shift leader saying I don't have MS, I'm fakiing it, and I could come to work on 1 leg. I have requested a mat to stand on to my boss, his boss and HR and nothing has happened. I called HR and ask if they received my complaints. I was told no. I explained everything, I was told HR can't stop the talk. She would tell them to stop, but can't make them. She said if this job is to stressful, find something else to do. 6 weeks later I was told by another employee that she heard my boss tell another employee to hurry up and get trained, because that's the only way he can get me out. 2 weeks I came back from vacation, they had hired a new employee. The new employee approached me and ask my name. I told her, she responded 2 of the shift leaders we're walking funny and saying look at me I'm Craig I have MS. What do I do. It hurts when I get upset. I explained to my boss like this. Imagine driving down the road and a car pulls out in front of u and it scares u, but me that hurts. I cannot get upset, overly excited or angry. It hurts me so bad. I did not choose to have MS, but I deserve to not have pain because of situations like this. Where I work u watch a video on discrimination, but that's all. Their is no further training. They are trying to run me off. I try to stay positive, but every time I return from a day off, I am told something else. The employee my boss told to hurry up and get trained is a lot younger than I am. The pain I have after a day at work includes pins and needles in my feet, legs, hand, arm and my face. I have very little pain and sometimes none on my off days. I had to go from taking 1 nerve pain medicine a day now to 3 on the day's I works. This is not including my MS medicine Gilenya. How do I need to go about stopping this. I did not know I had to type 600 words.im 100 words short. So let me say this. When I was diagnosed with MS I told my DR. To stop. She said is something wrong, I said no mam your telling me I have MS, but let me tell you MS doesn't have. I will not lay down to it and I will not stop doing what I love to do. I have been told by a lot of people that I can go out on disability. I told them not to insult me. I lost my dad to ALS he could do nothing. I can still function and as long as I can I will. I do not park in the closest space, because I can still walk. It's not always the prettiest walk, but I get there.