U.S. Doctors Answer Flu Questions on New Website

  1. Quote from ABCNews
    CHICAGO (Reuters) - Worried about your child's flu symptoms but don't want to risk a visit to a germ-infested waiting room?
    A free interactive website from The American Medical Association, built with partners Microsoft and personal health record provider Healthy Circles, may be able to help.
    The website, AMAfluhelp.org, offers information about seasonal and H1N1 pandemic flu and gives advice on when to seek a doctor's help.
    Unlike sites like the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's CDC.gov and flu.gov, this website allows doctors to communicate with patients. Eventually, it will permit doctors to prescribe routine medications online.During the H1N1 pandemic, the website may help ease the crush of calls to doctors from worried parents and patients and help identify those who need treatment, said Dr. Mary Anne McCaffree, a pediatrician from Oklahoma City and member of the AMA board.

    Quote from AMAfluhelp.org
    The American Medical Association created AMAfluhelp.org for patients like you who want to learn more about H1N1 and seasonal flu. This free public health resource can help assess your risk and determine the best course of action based on any symptoms you may have.
    Upon establishing a free account, you can subscribe to personalized, interactive Health Session Programs that have been authored by the AMA for patients and their families. These programs include:

    • Child Assessment: H1N1 flu and children under 18
    • Am I high risk for H1N1 and need the vaccine?
    • Adult Self Assessment: Do you have H1N1 flu?
    • H1N1 Post Vaccine Monitoring
    • Pregnancy: Do you need the H1N1 flu vaccine?
    • H1N1 Flu: Can I return to school or work?

    In addition, you can choose to invite your healthcare professional or family members and share your symptoms and other information in a secure, online setting. That way, those caring about you have the ability to monitor your progress remotely and even help determine if you should seek medical attention.
    To read an overview of the features and benefits for Patients, Families, and Healthcare Professionals, click here to learn more.
    Take control of your health. Connect and coordinate care with your doctor and family at AMAfluhelp.org.
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