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While I personally do not like the flu shot either.... I have been required to get a Hep B vaccine, MMR all current, etc etc .... so not sure how this is so different?... Read More

  1. by   MeggieA
    Quote from Garethaus
    PalmHarbourMom - the thing is, I am not set in my views. Show me arguments enough to erase reasonable doubt and I will change my view. My goal is directed toward patient health. And I certainly have reason for reasonable doubt regarding vaccines. It seems every day I am reading about major problems affecting lots of people related to vaccine side effects. Telling me that evidence is not there is not opening your eyes.
    Just so you know,and maybe it doesn't matter, but I am in total agreement with you here. Take care.
  2. by   MeggieA
    Quote from olddragger
    i am sorry for your situation Jenni--but I want to give you kudos for your stand and your actions.
    I retired instead of continuing--so I really cant do what you have done, but I agree hospitals are standing on shaky legal ground.
    The hospital I retired from has started to even cancel surgeries on the Dr's ( independent contractors) that have not had the flu shot! Dr's are starting to get angry. Perhaps that will be the catalyst that is needed for logical minds to prevail.
    Please keep us informed of your situation and I will be willing to sign a petition etc if needed? Anything I can do to help.

    I realized you addressed your response to Jennie and can only surmite tht she too have a case over something.I am glad to hear that.Also,I pray and hope everyday for some catalyst that will take hold and not let go until we do prevail.Take care.
  3. by   Woodenpug
    When the flu vaccine was first made mandatory, I was angry. I was tempted to use one of several obvious schemes to have the vaccine documented and not actually receive the vaccine. But, the principle of self-determination would not exactly be honored in that way. I decieded that since I would get the vaccine if it was not mandatory, I would get the vaccine.

    Is it possible, that many other health care workers made the opposite choice? While waiting in line to get my shot, I saw two nurses, one mid-level provider and one MD, use one of the "tricks." That was in a span of about 15 min. and because they were not very subtle.

    Could mandating flu vaccinations be a contributing factor to the severity of this year's flu season?